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About woodcountertops

Texas Treads builds custom wood countertops (and stair treads and custom molding) in Houston, Texas. We produce both edge grain (butcher block style) and face grain countertops. We can ship down the street or across the United States. This blog has been created to help you make great decisions about your wood countertops. Starting with how to choose wood, we will be adding other how-to's like scratch repair and why buying American is buying green. We also have related videos and podcasts that are linked at the bottom of each article. Choosing the character of wood, where it is grown and manufactured, environmental and social impact are all important. We at Texas Treads want you to know us and we to know you. Give a call with questions or to place an order

Wood Countertops: Slab (Book-matched) Countertops

Hello, Thank you for joining us again at Texas Treads. Today Iʼm going to talk about solid slabs of lumber used for countertops and tables. The difference between using a slab as opposed to dimensional lumber is the following: Slab … Continue reading

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Wood Countertops by Texas Treads: Choosing Woods

Choosing the Right Look: Color, Character and Width At Texas Treads we love working with our clients through the decision-making process.  With wood countertops, the first question I usually ask my clients is, “What color are you trying to achieve? … Continue reading

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